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PC Health Check

Pc Health Check

PC Health Check

PC Health Check

10 Point Health Check & Full interior service:
Health Check & Service PC------------------------------------------
Health Check & Service Laptop / Notebook--------------------------

Most of us remember to get our cars serviced every year to make sure they are running in tip-top condition but did you know that your computer can also benefit from the same sort of care? Why put up with noisy fans, windows taking half an hour to load up and of course
the risk of data loss?

We ask our computers to do a lot; play music, edit our photos and home movies and let us surf the Internet. Over time your computer
can become clogged with unwanted software, old files and even spyware and viruses. Just like a car, your computer should be serviced
every year so that you get the best performance possible.

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What Are the Benefits of a Health Check?
  • Catching a problem before it has time To cause any damage can often work Out cheaper than costly repairs
  • Improves performance and reliability
  • Removes any virus or spyware
  • Infections that might be compromising your security
  • Helps catch failing components before they can cause any data loss or overheating issues

Drop your desktop, laptop or netbook Woodgate Computers and we’ll give it a full service. We look at Windows, software and hardware
to make sure they are all running smoothly. We’ll check for any nasty viruses and spyware that might be lurking on your hard drive
and remove them. Your computer / Laptop will be fully cleaned internally; this will help keep your machine cool & quiet. A build-up of dust
can cause components to fail prematurely; dust also creates static which is a component killer.

Once we have completed the service we will give you advice on any upgrades you may need to get the most from the software you have installed.

Whats included in the service
  • Installation of windows updates and service packs
  • Remove spyware, adware and malware & provide free malware removal software
  • Update antivirus definitions if installed or provide free antivirus software
  • Clean up of un-necessary or orphaned files and registry settings
  • Remove internet cached temp files and cookies & provide free software to keep it clean
  • Full optimisation of software and hardware settings including firewall
  • Delete shortcuts from start-up to speed up system
  • Optimise your windows system - run a series of tests to check that every component is performing as it should
  • Defragment hard drive and repair minor errors to improve file access speed
  • Valet of the PC inside and out including all fans & heat sinks
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What is not included in this service
  • Initial repairs needed in order to carry out the health check. The pc must be in a bootable state for us to carry out the service.

  • Non windows operating systems, for example Linux , or Mac OS

  • No guarantee to increase the speed of your pc. In over 90% of cases optimising your pc will lead to a speed increase, this is not always the case.
Pc repair Leicester
Backup of your data

Back-up your data not included - so please ensure you have saved all important files before we start work on your PC. We cannot be
held responsible for files lost or deleted during work on your computer though we always endeavour to leave your files unchanged. Occasionally it may be necessary to delete or over-write files during the process.

Booking our service is acknowledgement of these risks

Please advise it any data backup is required, there will be an extra charge for this.
Sometimes it may be necessary for a clean install of the operating system due to severe corruption of the operating system.

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