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Delete your Temp Files to save disc space
Post: 28/11/2014

As you can guess by the name, the temp Folder contains all those files which are stored only for temporary basis. These files are used my programs and after their use they left where they are. And that’s the issue as they don’t get deleted automatically, at least not all of them, they lead to taking up disc free space and that space just goes to waste. To access Temp folder just type %temp% in Start menu’s search area and click on the folder shown. When you are in the folder, you just manually delete sub folders and files. You might not be able to delete all of the files their as some of them would still be in use by the windows. But don’t worry, you don’t need to delete them anyways as you need them for the mean time. 

You don’t need to delete files before shutting your PC down as they are your today’s files and are being used by the windows. So the best time to delete files is when you boot the PC before working on it just go to Temp folder and delete all files. It should let you delete all files. So let’s suppose you shut down windows every night and by shut down I mean shut down not hibernate or sleep, and in the morning when you will boot you can clean and get rid of all temp files for the previous day.

There is also an automatic way to clean files whenever you boot your PC. Just open note pad and copy these lines from here and paste it there.

rd %temp% /s /q

md %temp%

After that save the file as, %appdata%\microsoft\windows\start menu\programs\startup\cleantemp.bat. When you will do this, it will create a Cleantemp.bat in Start menu and whenever you will boot it will automatically delete temp files.

This little trick also works for Windows 8 even though it doesn’t have Start menu.