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A comparison between console and PC gaming pc
Post: 29/01/2014


A comparison between console and PC gaming


Although the popularity of gaming has surged in recent times, it’s not something new. Nowadays there are two popular platforms for gaming; gaming consoles and PC. Both are quite different in many ways and everyone has his own opinion on which provides a better gaming experience. In this article we will have a look on all pros and cons of PC and console gaming and will compare them with each other on the basis of various factors.






4-5 years ago a lot of games were available on one platform or the other. This has changed a lot recently, almost all the games are available in all the formats although there can be slight differences in graphics and details in every version. The availability and common access to PCs is a major factor in deciding the market share of the PC and console games. Many people feel comfortable playing online on the PCs because they have been using them for a long time.





With the availability of modern software, compatibility is not a major issue for the gamers but still there are games that can properly run only on one platform. For most games, there are different versions available for PCs and the consoles but they provide much better experience on a specific platform. Moreover, you can play your favorite old games on PC which is not possible on modern consoles. These sorts of compatibility problems should be kept in mind while deciding on which gaming type is better for you.






Cost is another important factor in determining the popularity and market share of the PC and console games. The prices of computers have gone down significantly in recent years and they still provide durability and high-end gaming experience. Consoles have various new features and modern technology which make them expensive. Normally a highest quality PC game is only £40 whereas on console they cost around £45-$60. Most of the exclusive PC games cost around £20 while providing quality normally only experienced in triple A titles.


System Optimization


Modern high-tech computers have excellent graphics and interface devices. These PCs makes your gaming experience almost perfect. There are a lot of people who prefer console gaming because in their opinion it provides a much better overall experience than PC gaming. Console gaming is also much less prone to crashes therefore there are no interruptions during dramatic gaming situations.




Installation of Game


One of the biggest advantages of console gaming is the fact that there are no complications associated with it. In fact, it is all about plug and play. You don’t have to worry about waiting 30 minutes to install a 7 GB game with a possibility that there might be some compatibility issues. This is  the area where console systems has an edge over PCs.




Another major advantage PC gaming has over consoles is that you can make a lot of changes and modifications to your game by downloading patches and add ons from the internet. There are also regular updates available which fix all the bugs and enhance the overall performance of the game. On the other hand, you can get stuck with the consoles at some stage and have no solution.




User Interface


Computers usually mouse and keyboard as an interface and you can even have joysticks or additional controllers attached through USB. On the other hand the true feeling of driving, sports or fighting can be provided only by console gaming. Many people prefer keyboards and mouse as they are much more comfortable on them while other like the console controllers and the better experience and control provided by them.


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