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Difference between tablets and traditional PCs
Post: 27/01/2014

Difference between tablets and traditional PCs


There are many major differences between a PC and a tablet. Ever since tablet PCs were launched, they have widely replaced the desktops and the laptops as a consumer product. Most people now prefer the tablets because of various reasons. There are many advantages of having a tablet instead of a desktop or a laptop but there are certain disadvantages associated with it too. In this article we’ll discuss the two class of PCs and will compare them while discussing their pros and cons.

The biggest difference between the two is obviously the portability associated with the tablet and its absence in the PC. Unlike a desktop, you can take your tablet to work, complete various tasks on it, and take it back to home. You can even take a tablet with you on holidays, which is not possible with a desktop PC. With a tablet, you can take all your data and work with you. Your kids and family can enjoy movies and play games while you're traveling. Any important work that has to be done on time can go with you on your tablet. You can even take pictures and record videos of the locations with your tablet. Most places have a facility Wi-Fi, so you can easily share your photos on the go. Tablets have batteries and you can easily recharge. You can recharge those batteries anywhere where you find an electrical connection. You don’t have to be connected to power supply at all times like in desktop computers.

Another major and striking difference between a simple PC and a tablet is the absence of a physical keyboard in the tablet. The tablet has a compact smart design which makes easy to carry. You do not a flat surface to place it and open it. It is very feasible and easy to walk around with a tablet in your hand, whereas doing it with a laptop is difficult and you can even imagine doing it with a desktop.

Desktops computer normally have mouse and laptops have a small touchpad to control the pointer on the screen. However you don’t need wither of them in a tablet, its whole screen is a touchpad. You just have to touch the screen with your fingers to get tasks done. This makes working a lot more easier and enjoyable on the tablets.

Another advantage of having a tablet is that you can have a direct interaction with people around you without any screen blocking your view. The large screen of desktop monitor or laptop acts as a wall in between people. Therefore a tablet provides an ideal solution for classroom lectures and business meetings. You can easily take notes and converse with the people around you at the same time.

The best part about owning a tablet is that it is one of best “personal” gadgets ever. You can express yourself in your own handwriting. You can message your family, friends and co-workers easily in your own writing style. You can also create your own handwritten notes, draw graphs and pictures easily. You can even add your signatures at the end of documents and mails. You can say tablets add the "Personal" to your "Personal Computer".

The cost of a good tablet is understandably more than that of a desktop or even a laptop as it has much modern technology and extra features in it.  This acts as barrier between a huge potential market and the tablets. Another disadvantage of the tablets is that it’s not recommended for those people who have to type a lot. The reason behind it is that it is not very easy to type lengthy documents on a small touch screen.

We have put forward all the merits and the demerits of the normal PCs and the tablets in front of you. Now it is your choice to decide which one is better for you. You can easily compare the desktops, laptops and tablets and weigh their pros and cons against your requirements to reach a decision.

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