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Why go for genuine chargers over universal ones?
Post: 21/01/2014

Why go for genuine chargers over universal ones?

We at know and understand that it is never wise to substitute the original item with a fake one. On a short term it might help you in a way but in the long run it will cause you more harm than good. Keeping this in mind we bring to you genuine laptop chargers of all brands.


One of the first components regarding your laptop that suffers from glitches of electricity is the laptop charger. We understand that and thus provide you with a way in which you can get hold of original laptop chargers.


Chargers that are not branded cannot withstand the changes in the power surges as well as the branded chargers can. This makes the compatible charger susceptible to damage far more easily and quickly than the branded and genuine charger. The chargers that are not genuine will never have the same voltage or amperage as the original one. As compared to such chargers branded chargers pose no threat to your laptop. Compatible chargers on the other hand can be risky to use with the branded laptop. Even the slightest of electricity problems can have a terrible impact on the laptop if a genuine charger is not used. Most of the universal chargers do not fit well enough in the charger socket in the laptop; such loose connections can cause sparks and other electrical failures in both the charger and the laptop.


Manufacturers also provide information about the chargers make and build for the sole reason that if their primary charger gets damaged then they should go for buying a genuine charger to replace it. You can use this information to find a genuine charger that you need from our website.


We provide you with genuine chargers because we know that universal chargers cannot prevent the fluctuations in the voltage. This is what makes them terribly dangerous for the laptop. These fluctuations in voltage will eventually cause a huge number of circuits to burn out in the laptop. The cost of having these circuit repaired is far higher than the cost of replacing the original damaged charger with a branded one.


Universal chargers can also cause a lot of damage to the motherboards of the laptop; this gives people all the greater reason to stay away from such phony articles.


Branded chargers also help to preserve your battery life. Charging with universal chargers will over time reduce your battery’s charging capacity and you will see it drain far more quickly. Branded chargers preserve your laptop’s ability to work without charging for a long time.


We provide you with a place that is guaranteed to give you original and branded chargers. We have been trusted by many over the years and we are proud to say that we have not let them down even once. We only deal with genuine and branded chargers because we value your laptop’s safety.


We can assure you that the branded chargers in most cases might seem like an expensive investment but in fact it is a very wise long term investment. This investment is bound to protect you from many other financial issues in the futures regarding your laptop.