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Windows operating systems, XP, Vista, windows 7 and Windows 8
Post: 15/01/2014

Windows operating systems, XP, Vista, windows 7 and Windows 8


Windows Operating System has been developed by the Microsoft Corporation and features the first graphical user interface that was designed to run personal computers, and these windows Operating System soon became the most popular as 90 percent of computers and laptops run on a version of the windows operating system.

It all started with MS-DOS, where users would be able to navigate through a visual desktop opening visual 'windows' that would hold files and folders contain necessary information. This could be done only with the click of a mouse button, and the users would not have to know endless commands and directory paths to retrieve these electronic files. But the versions that followed were far better and more adequately framed to suit the needs of the user. These operating systems that included windows file manager, program manager and print manager programs had an even better interface. Finally, windows 95 was able to fully integrate built in internet service that was called the world wide web browser internet explorer.

But with the advent of windows XP, the whole look of the interface entirely changed. Microsoft provided to its customers a very neat package that would give them various services under a single banner. It offered multiple editions, and each was supposed to precisely suit the needs of business entrepreneurs, multimedia developers, and others. In this operating system, the core software code that had been used by windows 95, namely the windows 95 kernel was abandoned and an even more powerful code base was used that would improve the memory usage, the interface and its overall application.

 Not surprisingly, it was very well received by users from all over the world and was admired for its easy usability. What followed the windows XP was another operating system called windows vista that unfortunately was not appreciated by consumers for the various troubles it caused. It was too large and terribly slow, and was even very resource consuming. It did not become as popular as the previous versions of the Microsoft Operating systems.

But as a result of the failure of Windows Vista, Microsoft came up with another innovative operating system called the Windows 7, which had an interface quite like that of Windows Vista but as an advantage it had relatively more speed and  easily usable. Even its system requirements weren't as farfetched as Windows Vista. Resulting to all these improvements, it was much appreciated by businesses and households alike, and it became very popular in a short time. When used in laptops, users get astounded by the speed and performance when running XP over Vista. And yet there are certain features of the Vista that are quite indispensable, as for example the internet connection of a laptop can be turned into a Wi-Fi hotspot for others to use, and this is a feature that can come very handy if only one in a group has a wireless modem or wired Ethernet connection.

 But then when someone's use of a laptop is very mundane, and ranges from using only word processing, web and the iPlayer, the Windows XP should be perfect and ideal.

The current offering from Microsoft is Windows 8, this version is app based and designed for touch screen devices. To use this version is a learning curve as it is not like its predecessor Windows 7. We feel it is not as user friendly as Windows 7 which was simple, Windows 8 can take time to master.

It you’re looking for simplicity, a user friendly interface, reliability then go for a pc with Windows 7 preinstalled.

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