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Free Utility Downloads

Computer Utilities

AVG Antivirus

The web''s leading free antivirus software

Adobe Reader

Allowing you to read PDF files from across the web

Spybot Search & Destroy

Software to search and eliminate spyware from your PC

Broadband Speed Checker

Check your broadband''s download and upload speed

AdAware Spyware Remover

A further tool to eradicate spyware from your system

Malware Bytes

Free download of anti-malware software

Microsoft Essentials

Microsoft Windows Updates & Service Packs

Get the latest security and critica; updates from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Media Player

Experience music and video at the heart of your PC from Microsoft

Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

Create and edit your own home movies

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (Browser)

Download the latest version of Microsoft''s popular browser

Microsoft Windows Live Messenger

Connect with the world from the comfort of your PC

Google Essentials

GMail (Google Mail)

Google''s free email service - highly recommended

Google Docs

Free online World Processor and Spreadsheet program

Google Earth

See stunning birds eye views of the planet!


Google''s free image editing software


Mozilla Firefox

An alternative browser to Internet Explorer


Apple''s offering for surfing the Internet


Free download of MS Office-compatible productivity suite


The ultimate entertainment portal from Apple


Talk to friends and family for free via Skype

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